Conducting a Water Test

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In the video above, we have given 2 options on the correct way to conduct a water test – one taking water directly from the tank and the other taking water from the tank tap. Taking a sample directly from the tank will give the most accurate reading.  This eliminates the chance of any readings being skewed by any biofilm and bacteria that may be growing inside the tap or other fittings from which the water is pulled. When analysing water results, the coliform counts (as opposed to heterotrophic plate counts) are a better indicator to test the sanitary conditions of water. More information on this will be provided in upcoming blog posts.

Installing an Indicator Light in Your Germicidal Lamp

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We’ve had a lot of enquiries on the best way to check if the lamp is still working.  When functional, the lamp will emit an even blue / green glow. This can be checked by installing a visual indicator sight glass using the steps provided in the video.  A quick glance at the sight glass will indicate whether the lamp is still burning. Once the lamp emits a very light blue or orange colour, it’s time to replace it. The lamp life is roughly 12 000 hours or one and a half years.