Frequently Asked Questions

Germicidal Treatment System


Yes, the installation process is very easy and the step-by-step instructions can be found in the installation manual supplied when you purchase the product.

The GTS may require maintenance depending on the source of the water that it is submerged in. Water containing dissolved solid may create a film on the exterior of the submerged tube, causing an obstruction for the UV-Light to pass through, which in turn reduces the germicidal efficiency of the lamp’s performance. It is recommended that the first inspection is done 2-3 weeks after it has been put in operation. Make sure Lamp power has been disconnected before opening tank. Carefully lift tank lid from tank high enough to see the lamp assembly. Visually inspected tube surface for build-up / debris. If surface appears clean tank lid may be place back onto tank and power may be switched back ON. Inspection intervals now changes to every 6-8 weeks (if the source of the water does not change).

The lamp should emit an even blue / green glow. If the lamp emits a very light blue or orange colour, its time to replace it. It is important to protective eye wear when looking at the lamp

You may purchase a small plastic sight jar from any pool or hardware store. Drill a 25mm hole above normal eye height to prevent extended visual exposure. Screw in the sight glass with an O-ring that will seal the jar from the tank.


This will depend on the clarity (turbidity) of the water. The clearer the water, the faster the sterilisation will occur. We recommend that you leave the system on for 24 hours prior to using the water especially if it has water inside that has been standing for a while. Once the intial sterilisation period has occured, we recommend roughly an hour for sterilisation.

No. The treatment radius is 2m regardless of whether this is air or water. The air however is sterilised immediately while water takes a bit longer as the as the UV moves through the water as a slower rate than through the air.

If the tanks are are connected in a series (ie they connected one tank to another), then you only need to put a system in the last tank where you will draw off water. However if the point where you draw off water is connected to a pipe that draws from all 3 tanks, then you will need to put a lamp in each tank.

No the lamp can work effectively in air as well as water. The quartz helps maintain the maximum operating temperature

No the lamp can work effectively in air as well as water. The quartz helps maintain the maximum operating temperature

We recommend leaving the lamp on 24/7 as turning it on and off does shorten its life span.

The GTS will eradicate bacteria, pathogens, moulds and yeasts. Stored rain and pre-filtered borehole water, treated with the GTS, can safely be used for domestic applications such as flushing toilets and showering. However depending on the source of water, dissolved solids may still be present and therefore not fit for human or animal consumption. A final reverse osmosis system is recommended to ensure safety for human consumption.

The lamp uses 80W on start-up however once warmed and running, uses around 50W


A water analysis using the Germicidal Treatment Sytem was conducted by an independant SANAS accredited testing laboratory in Stellenbosch. The water was sterilised for the suggested 24 hours and results were as follows:

Heterotrophic Plate Count: 99.9% reduction
Total coliforms: 99.8% reduction
Faecal coliforms: 100% reduction
E-Coli: 100% reduction

The product has been tested by Intertek. They are a multinational inspection, product testing and certification company headquartered in London, United Kingdom with locations in over 100 countries. The product was tested in accordance with IEC 60335-1:2013 and IEC 60335-2-109:2010 - Part-1: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances and Part-2-109: Particular requirements for UV radiation water treatment appliances.

We recommend purchasing 2 systems.

The lamp carries a 1 year warranty.