Food-Grade Headspace GTL

Fruit Juice Storage and Empty Tank Sterilisation

  • Eradicates microbial growth, pathogens, moulds and yeasts

  • Teflon sleeve provides protection in case of breakages

  • Protection frame provides mechanical strength for CIP cleaning

  • Lamps can easily be changed without additional tooling

  • UV has no detrimental effect on product stability, PH or aroma

  • No chemicals or additives are used, therefore no residue

Disinfecting the natural way

The fermentation of yeast causes undesirable alcohol content and lactic acid bacteria ferment sugar into lactic acid. Controlling lactic acid is key to the manufacturing process.

GTL-FG80 uses UV-C radiation to inhibit & prevent lactic acid build-up
Fruit juice storage  |  Sugary syrup storage  |  Empty tank storage

IEC Approved Test Report 60335-2-109:2010 - Internationally tested by Intertek

Part-1: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances
Part-2-109: Particular requirements for UV radiation water treatment appliances

Easy to install

Low cost operation

Low maintenance

No chemicals required

Warning: This appliance contains a UV-C emitter. UV-C radiation is harmful to skin & eyes. Ensure power is OFF during installation or before inspecting inside the tank. Do not operate the UV-C emitter when it is removed from the appliance enclosure.
Operating Voltage/Frequency 220V - 240V
Lamp Wattage 80W
Lamp Life 12 000 hours
Lamp Wave Length 250-260 nanometer